The New Zealand China FTA upgrade which entered into force on 7 April 2022 replaces Chapter 4, Rules of Origin and Operational Procedures. 

The new text introduces:

Declaration of Origin based on Advance Rulings:  China importers holding an advance ruling may now make a Declaration of Origin in accordance with the provisions of their domestic laws and regulations. 

Declaration of Origin by an Approved Exporter:   New Zealand  exporters approved pursuant to Article 20 of Chapter 4 will be able to complete a self declaration and submit the requried data via JEVS to GACC.   New Zealand Customs will announce how to apply to be an approved exporter once the operational details are finalised together with GACC. 

Direct Consignment changes:  Provisions for shipment via intermediatory ports revised to better reflect logistics realities, including storage subject to customs administration for up to 12 months, and provide more flexibility on documentation required to evidence  goods not undergoing further processing after leaving New Zealand and clearing customs in China. 

Certificate of Origin additional requirements:   Issuance is now limited to within 12 months from date of shipment.  "Issued Retrospectively" now required when issued at time of shipment.  This text will be added by way of stamp when certified. 


Annex 1 New Chapter 4 Rules of Origin and Operational Procedures

Full information on all new provisions under the upgraded NZ China FTA including Electronic Commerce, Government Procurement, Trade in Services, Side letter on Wood and Paper Products, Side letter on Cosmetics Regulatory Cooperation. Protocol to Amend the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement