AANZFTA Update: Exports with 3rd Party Invoicing New Mandatory requirement


New Zealand Customs have issued an instruction that pending a binding resolution being agreed between the AANZFTA parties,  all AANZFTA Certificates of Origin issued in New Zealand, when there is a 3rd Party, are to comply with AANZFTA Certificate of Origin Overleaf Note 9 (rather than just Note 8 as in the past):

  • 3rd Party in Box 13 ticked
  • Name of 3rd Party  in Box 7
  • The number and date of the invoice issued by the exporter and the number and date of the invoice issued by the trader (named as 3rd Party) in Box 10. 

Note 1:  When completing the Certificate of Origin application questionnaire, the number of the exporter invoice, date of exporter invoice (dd/mm/yyyy) and number of trader invoice go in the 'invoice number' field (one space only between, no comma or other punctuation).  The trader invoice date goes in the 'invoice date' field.

Note 2:  The 3rd Party means the company, who is not the exporter, who will issue the commercial invoice which will presented by the importer at the time of importation.

1 August 2018