Both Gross Weight and Quantity, together with their respective units are now  mandatory on NZ China FTA Certificates of Origin (NZCFTA COO).

ChamberDocs has been updated to reflect these changes.  

System updates have been effected under urgency as China Customs only advised NZ Customs (NZCS) on 29 March 2017 that these changes would be required for goods clearing ports in China from 1 April 2017.   As NZCS were only able to provide 48 hours’ notice of this requirement, NZCS have obtained assurance from China Customs that a ‘grace’ period will be given until 10 May 2017.

Process for Certificates with only Gross Weight or Quantity data:   There is no need to  obtain replacement certificates for this issue.   NZCS have undertaken to facilitate China Customs honouring the arrangement for clearance of goods with no Quantity and Quantity unit data until 10 May 2017 for goods arriving with a  NZCFTA COO issued prior to 1 April 2017.  To access this support email the following information to

  1. NZCFTA COO number
  2. Port of Customs Clearance (may be different to Port of Discharge)
  3. Company clearing goods (if different from Consignee)
  4. confirmation you, as exporter, are confident that the sole reason goods are being held up is due to absent Quantity and Quantity unit data.


Quantity and Quantity unit in Box 12 to reflect Number and Kind of Packages given in Box 9:

Example A (packaged goods):   

Box 9 - Number and Kind of Packages; Description of Goods:  400 cartons x 12 750ml bottles xyz wine

Box 12 - Quantity: 400       Quantity Unit:  NMP (Number of Packs)  [NB:  NMB (number) is also acceptable]


Example B (other goods including bulk)
Box 9 - Number and Kind of Packages; Description of Goods: 6 pallets xyz goods

Box 12 - Quantity: 6  Quantity Unit: NMB (Number)


Example C   

For some goods there may be a requirement to list the actual number of items on the pallets eg: Skins.

Box 9 – Number and Kind of Packages; Description of Goods:   10 pallets of xyz skins

Box 12 – Quantity  4589  Quantity Unit:  NMB (Number)

 NB:  not all importer requests will be an option.  Please check with your Chamber of Commerce documentation team if you are unsure.


Net Weight in Box 9:  China Customs have also confirmed that they are seeking Net Weight on the NZCFTA COO for many goods.   If your importer has requested that you provide the Net Weight, this is to be added to the Goods Description in Box 9.  The Gross Weight is to be given in Box 12.

Please note that these requirements differ from the  instructions on the NZCFTA COO Box names and Overleaf Instructions.