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Scheduled Maintenance Advice will be offline to upgrade the ChamberDocs system between 4pm Tuesday, 28 February and 11am, Wednesday, 1 March, 2017. During this outage period the ChamberDocs system will not be accessible, but will resume operation once the upgrade is completed. We apologise for any inconvenience that may be experienced due to the outage. 

Other Recent Change Notes

CHANGES have been made to Resubmissions to separate Replacements from Applications for New  shipments using data recorded for previously submitted certificates.

Need a 'Replacement'? (due to change in shipment details)  Select required certificate from Submitted Certificates - click on 'Cancel & Replace' - Edit - Click RESUBMIT.  Clicking "RESUBMIT" will cancel and void the previous certificate!!  (NB: To save data for future use - click 'Save but don't Submit')

Need a Certificate for New shipment ? (using saved data)  Select required certificate from Saved but Not submitted Certificates - click on 'Reload & Modify - Edit - Click SUBMIT


Welcome to the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Certificates of Origin website. Here you can submit NZ/China FTA Certificates of Origin and ASEAN/Australia/NZ FTA Certificates of Origin to your local Chamber of Commerce for certification.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have been authorised by the New Zealand Customs Service to certify preferential Certificates of Origin under these agreements.

To take advantage of provisions within either of these FTAs, you will need to submit an FTA Certificate of Origin with your outgoing consignments. These preferential provisions include tariff reductions and faster clearance of goods through Customs bodies in China and the ASEAN region. For further information click ABOUT.

To enable certification please also register on eCertify. eCertify logins for your Chamber are on this Chamber listing CONTACT.

Companies requiring FTA Certificates of Origin need to register their company, signatories and goods to be exported on Chamberdocs prior to a Certificate of Origin being certified.

New users: please email your local Chamber of Commerce to determine whether your company has already been registered. CONTACT

To register a new company please click here to begin Step 1 of the ChamberDocs registration process.

Price for Certification

The price for certification of NZ/China FTA Certificates of Origin and AANZ FTA Certificates of Origin is $30.00 + GST


AANZFTA First Protocol 

Changes will be live on Chamberdocs before 1st April 2016. 

·         AANZFTA Certificates of Origin will be issued in original format for exports to Indonesia until further notice.

·         First Protocol AANZFTA Certificates of Origin will be issued for exports to all other parties.  Changes you will notice:

a.     FOB Value will no longer appear of the Certificate of Origin (except for exports to Cambodia and Myanmar and when the Origin code includes RVC)

b.    Different origin codes apply for manufactured goods (details in the right margin of the application questionnaire)

c.     The attachment pages are now called “Continuation Sheet”

The First Protocol to AANZFTA entered into force for New Zealand and nine of the 12 AANZFTA Parties on 1 October 2015; and the remaining two are targeted implementation on 1 January 2016. Information on the First Protocol and its effect on trade were overviewed in the following item published on Customs website.

The First Protocol to amend AANZFTA:

·         removes the requirement for the free on board (FOB) value to be supplied by the exporter except where origin is being claimed using a value-added Regional Value Content (RVC) rule

·         simplifies the presentation of the Rules of Origin (RoO) into a comprehensive listing

·         provides for the implementation of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System 2012 (HS 2012) in AANZFTA’s RoO, eliminating the current requirement for business to operate in both HS 2007 and HS 2012, and making it easy to implement future changes to the HS

·         introduces a modified CoO form